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Virtual Leadership – Managing Virtual Teams

Training and consulting for managers and project leaders with virtual teams

Leading virtual teams is a big challenge in many companies and organisations.

Matrix organisations, mobile work and globalisation lead to team members sitting at home or at different locations or even countries worldwide.

Virtual teams often suffer disappointing results, inefficient collaboration and a loss of expertise.

Disappointing results are often due to a demotivation among team members, without the project leader or manager noticing in time.

Leading intercultural virtual teams offers a further challenge to virtual leadership. Expectations toward leadership and collaboration might be different depending on the cultural background.

Virtual leadership or distance leadership has its own challenges, for instance:

  • How can I motivate employees from a distance?
  • How can I guarantee performance in the virtual team?
  • What kind of communications media does my virtual team need?
  • How can I promote collaboration in the virtual team?
  • How can I identify and resolve conflicts from a distance?
  • What do I need to consider in virtual meetings, such as teleconferences or online meetings?

With increasing global networking of markets, matrix organisation systems and modern workplace models, virtual leadership is becoming increasingly important. Virtual management works differently. Prepare yourself and your employees for this new challenge. Act now and secure your future prospects – internationally, too – with motivated employees in a learning and mobile organisation.

How you benefit from systematic training and guidance on virtual leadership:

  • Trustworthy virtual and international collaboration while reducing travel costs
  • Motivated employees thanks to professional virtual management
  • Lasting international success
  • Productive and motivating virtual project and team meetings (more information on moderating virtual meetings)
  • Project security in virtual teams

Virtual leadership training content

A training course on virtual management could include the following topics, for instance:

You should schedule one or two days onsite or two to four live-online sessions for virtual leadership training for your managers and project leaders. Such training could include the following topics, for instance:

  • Specific competencies and tasks of managing international virtual teams
  • Motivating virtual teams, and team building
  • Components of a kick-off meeting – virtual or on-site
  • Choosing the most suitable communications medium for virtual teamwork, and using it properly
  • Moderation of web meetings and international teleconferences
  • Conflict management in virtual teams
  • Intercultural training for virtual teamwork
  • A simulation of real virtual collaboration with feedback and reflection sessions

Call me now if you are a HR decision-maker, international project manager or team leader of remote or virtual teams.

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