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*** Boundless Collaboration and Leadership ***

International and Virtual Teams – Team Building and Team Training

Collaborate effectively in international and virtual teams

Team training for international and virtual teams

International team - how to become one team

It is rare for everything to run smoothly in bi-national or multinational virtual teams. Team and project leaders often do not realise if something is not working or some employees are only doing the bare minimum. Because they rarely or never see their team members face-to-face. Often they do not know what motivates or demotivates their international employees. They are frequently left in the dark.

Employees in international and virtual teams often face the following challenges:

  • How can we react flexibly to cultural differences, avoid misunderstandings and build on common ground?
  • Who does what exactly, and how do they interface?
  • How do we communicate with each other in the virtual team and how do we deal with errors?
  • How do we manage information overload?
  • How do we deal with different time zones?
  • How do we work together in virtual meetings?
  • How can we better integrate even very remote team members?

For companies with virtual teams this often then means:

  • lack of knowledge transfer and loss of valuable expert knowledge
  • a failure to make use of important international synergy potentials
  • unproductive cooperation in the international and virtual team

How you benefit from team-training sessions and team building in international and virtual teams:

  • productive cooperation in the virtual team through more motivation and trust
  • effective use of communications media, putting an end to e-mail overload
  • less isolation among virtual team members
  • greater knowledge transfer within the virtual teams and creation of intercultural synergies
  • lasting international success through innovative project teams

In his 2007 thesis, Jonas F. Puck was able to prove empirically for the first time that relevant training sessions increase efficiency in international teams (Jonas F. Puck, Training für multikulturelle Teams, Grundlagen – Entwicklung – Evaluation, München and Mering 2009).

Training content for team training and team building for international virtual teams

A team-training session or team workshop is tailored individually to your international team. It usually lasts 1 – 2 days and can cover the following topics, for instance:

  • intercultural communication
  • creating a team profile (e. g. based on Belbin)
  • clarifying mutual expectations
  • developing common communication rules, e.g. for the use of existing communications media
  • communication and cooperation in virtual team meetings, such as Lync/Skype for Business or WebEx
  • team-building exercises for better cooperation in the virtual team
  • developing a team mission statement

Your virtual team meets once a year? Why not accompany the team meeting with a competently moderated team-training session? This will help you create a meta-language in the team, which can be used by team members even after the training to discuss differences and potential ambiguities, and find common solutions.

Contact me with your proposed dates.

You do not have the budget for a meeting of all virtual team members? That’s not a problem. I also offer team training in webinar sessions. Contact me, and together we can find solutions for your virtual team

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